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Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Dilema:


If you are concerned about the changes in Healthcare Laws and wondering how the Reform is going to effect your life…you have come to the right place.  We understand that change can oftentimes be unsettling and confusing.  That’s why we have developed an outstanding team of researchers who stay up-to-date on current events so that when you come to us, we know exactly how to help you.  Our goal is to provide strength and stability to our clients.  We value the importance of finding a Health Insurance Plan that is affordable and has amazing benefits.

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We Do Individual and Group Health Insurance!


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Whether you are a business looking for Healthcare for your employees, or an individual seeking options for you or your family, we are your solution.  Earp Enterprises Inc proudly serves communities all over Pennsylvania and New York, and our commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity will not be compromised.  We diligently work to develop Healthcare Plans that tailor to your specific needs and desires right down to the smallest details.

We offer Group and Individual products pertaining to Health and Supplemental Insurance.  You may contact us at any time for a free needs assessment and quote!  We guarantee we can find the very best plans that feature excellent rate and coverage.  Whatever your occupation or profession, our experts can handle it all!


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