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Money Doesn't Grow on Trees...

But it Can Grow with Supplemental Benefits!

What’s So Great About Insurance Supplements?

Supplemental Insurance Products have amazing benefits…much more than most people realize.  They may serve as an excellent addition to your existing Health Plan or even on their own.  Here is why:

Cash Benefits

Utilizing your supplemental insurance product pays you cash benefits.  An Accident policy, for example, pays indemnities directly to you, not your Doctor’s Office, for visits, x-rays, prescriptions and more.  The benefits are yours to keep and require a very small investment in return for a potentially much larger reward.  Supplemental policies are an extra little cushion that picks up where your regular insurance may leave off.  Most policies are pre-taxed, which give you even greater benefits.  We could all use a little extra cash in our pockets, right?  Who doesn’t like being paid to go to the Doctor?

How Do I Choose the Right Products?

There are so many products and companies to choose from…that’s why we help you discover your needs and find products that match.  Whether you are seeking Cancer protection, Accident, Sickness, Disability or Critical Illness, we offer plans that provide the greatest benefits according to your needs, income, and preferences.  If you have never taken advantage of Supplemental Insurance products, here is your opportunity to find out how they can benefit you!

We Do Individual and Group Supplemental Benefits!

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