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Our Organization

Earp Enterprises Inc is was founded in 2010.  It has grown to touch lives and businesses across all the country. We have countless testimonies of how our services made a difference, and we are proud of every testimony that comes to our office declaring loyalty, respect and appreciation.  Why are we different? Because we represent you.  We take the time to assess your needs and research the plans and products that provide comfort, affordability, and simplicity.  We do the work so you don’t have to.

Our Team

Each member of our team has brought exceptional skills, experience, quality and unique talent to our Agency.  We take the time to select individuals who uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct, behavior, and performance.  We have representatives stationed all over Pennsylvania and New York, reaching out to communities with utmost care.  Earp Enterprises Inc has received recognition from United Healthcare, one of the top-leading Medicare Companies, for our outstanding customer care.  Our reputation speaks for itself…and our dedicated, hard-working team members have helped shape Earp Enterprises to what it is today.

Our Mission

We are committed to offering the very best Life & Health Insurance plans that best fit the needs of Individuals and Groups. We value each and every customer and ensure they have the peace of mind knowing their future is protected.  Our mission is to serve, advise, and reach out to our communities with kindness and excellence.

Our Purpose

To inspire…to achieve…to believe. We inspire each member of our team to strive for excellence. We achieve customer satisfaction by making their needs our top priority every time.  We believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity and will not compromise.


Meet Dale E Earp III

Many who know this name associate it with the famous Wyatt Earp.  The legacy has continued to live on through the generations as a symbol of strength, tenacity, courage and fearlessness.  Dale Earp has embraced those attributes and mingled them with his own, unique characteristics that has enabled him to create a legacy of his own.

Life is a continual process of refining, shaping, molding and emerging.  Oftentimes, people will look at the current image they see and think it magically appeared.  No one stops to consider the sweat, the tears, the pain, and the labor involved with becoming a better version of oneself.  And it is a continual journey.  Anyone who thinks he has achieved his final destination in greatness has a long way to go.  These ideals are a way of life for Dale Earp.  Not because he has ever felt he was someone “special”, but because he recognized that he has one life to live….and he wants to live it exceptionally.

Thus, Earp Enterprises Inc was born.  

Dale has won multiple awards for his Leadership and integrity in the industry.  He has been recognized as one of the top Entrepreneurs in his region and received honorable acknowledgement from numerous Insurance Carriers for his success.  He has worked relentlessly to establish a reputation for excellence, and understands how to relate to people on all different levels. Beyond the responsibilities of running a national company, he still finds the time to go out and service his clients.  He is the heartbeat of Earp Enterprises.  Most of all…he is loved for his dedication, sense of humor, and diligence to chase after “big dreams”.

Meet Rachel Marie Earp.

A native of Indiana, Rachel is a published author of historical fiction and has won awards from the International Society of Poetry for her work.  With a background in Teaching, she has been able to educate clients every day on the best options available to them and break it down in a language they can understand.  As COO and co-founder of Earp Enterprises, she has been able to blossom and dedicate herself to a career she can be proud of.  There has always been a special place in her heart for the elderly, and that reflects in the sincerity of her work.  

Dale and Rachel make a dynamite team.  With over ten years of experience together, they have been able to turn a small dream into a huge success.  Earp Enterprises was founded upon their desires to serve the community, bring career opportunities to those who have never believed in themselves, and never forget that life is too short not to make a positive impact on the world