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What You Need to Know About Licensing. 


Step 1



The first step to getting licensed is to take the Pre-Licensing course in your State.  It is an online course that includes end-of-chapter tests, and a final Pre-licensing Exam that you need to pass before you take your State Exam.  Enrolling through Earp Enterprises give you an exclusive price of only $49.99.  You may elect to take the Life & Health, Life only, Health only, or Securities course.  Be sure to check with your point of contact at Earp Enterprises prior to enrolling.  Our counselors will assist you in making the appropriate decision based upon your career goals.  We also prep you for effective study techniques, time management, and other important information you need to know for success.  

Step 2

The second step in getting licensed is to take your State Exam. You must be registered at a Prometric Testing Site, where you will be monitored and a proctor will administer the exam.  The fee for this is approximately $55.00 (may vary slightly from state to state).  You will also need to schedule your fingerprinting appointment immediately following the examination.  This fee is approximately $19 (may also vary from state to state).  Our experts will guide you through this process and ensure that you are testing at the closest center to your location, and check to make sure you have everything required by your state.  Please keep us updated on your progress!

Step 3

Once you pass your State Exam, you will be prompted to purchase your license.  This fee is usually $100 ( may vary from state to state).  This is accomplished online at the testing center.  You will need to know employment history, past addresses, and other pertinent information that is required by state law.  Usually your license is processed within 5-7 days.  You may also apply for a non-resident state license if you wish to market insurance products in other states.  We will need to have your license before we can begin contracting you with the Carriers. 

Step 4

The last step is to purchase your Errors & Omissions Insurance. This policy is required to be contracted by the Carriers, and protects you as the broker from potential threats or errors.  You may pay the yearly cost up front or elect to pay monthly (although you generally get a better price if you pay the year up front).  This is easily obtainable online, and our advisers will direct you where to go for the best rate.  This coverage is essential to the success of your career and acts just as any insurance protection.  Once we have a copy of your policy, we will be able to contract you with the Carriers.  

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