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Bradford County Senior Expo

June 10, 2016


One thing we take pride in at Earp Enterprises is our love for our communities!  See us at festivals, career fairs, senior expos, county and state fairs, kiosks, booths, colleges and universities…you just never know!  

The Bradford County Senior Expo, located in Athens, PA was energetic, fun and the perfect opportunity to stop at our booth and learn more about Earp Enterprises. Seniors were able to stop by and chat with our exuberant attendees (Paul and Gina), and of course indulge in chocolate!

Our objectives are unique: provide an unbiased, professional service to our clients.  We love being a part of events like this because it gives us a chance to tell people who we are, what we believe and what we do. Who do we work for? We work for YOU!

Keep an eye on our calendar to see if we are at an event near you.  We love to talk, shake hands, smile and answer questions!  

See you next time!






Earp Enterprises Inc was proud to partner with K.A.R.E Inc to bring the Upside of Down Buddy Walk to our community.  The first in several years, this Buddy Walk was organized with the desire to spread awareness and acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome and truly celebrate them.

This event was especially dear to the hearts of Dale and Rachel Earp, founders of Earp Enterprises Inc…and parents to an amazing little boy who happened to have Down Syndrome.  It has been an incredible journey for them and one they were not prepared for.  There have been many challenges and ups and downs along the way, but nothing could have prepared them for the joy their little Ezekiel would bring to their lives.  “One of the hardest parts of this journey was the unkind comments, stares, and inconsiderate remarks from people”, admits Rachel. “It saddened me to know that there was such a lack of education and acceptance of the fact that these individuals are incredibly smart! They just need a chance. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for us.  We are very blessed!”  

And the Buddy Walk was a huge success! Thanks to all our generous sponsors and donors, 25% of proceeds were donated to the National Down Syndrome Society and 75% went back to the local Early Learning Intervention Program.  Families were brought together along with the community to bring a more positive awareness of Down Syndrome and the impact that education, therapy, research, and respect can have on these amazing individuals.  “It was such a beautiful and emotional event.  We could not be more proud of all the wonderful volunteers who helped our dream become a reality!” 

We would like to thank each and every person who came to support this cause and we look forward to seeing our Buddy Walk continue to grow in the future! 

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