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"My dream was so much more than starting my first Company back in 2010. I wanted to show people that even someone like me...who barely graduated high school...could grow up and do great things with this one life.

So the earp enterprises companies are my legacy, my heart, and a result of the many years of hard work it took to build from the ground up. Each brand serves a different realm, representing communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, diversity, growth and development."

-Dale Earp

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partner with us to offer insurance products

We are your premier destination for cutting-edge marketing solutions in the realm of insurance.

As a powerhouse National Marketing Organization (NMO), we specialize in empowering agents with unparalleled resources for Life, Health, and Medicare insurance products.

turning the light on your life, health & medicare options

We are your trusted ally in navigating the world of insurance with confidence and clarity

We believe in simplifying the insurance process for seniors and families alike, ensuring that you find the perfect coverage without the stress. With a comprehensive selection of insurance options from leading companies, we stand as your beacon of assurance, guiding you towards the ideal plan tailored to your unique needs and budget.

we revolutionize the way you do business

Harnessing the power of AI

(artificial intelligence) and automation technology, we transform your marketing strategies.

Step into a new era of efficiency and dominance as we equip you with the tools to skyrocket your business to unparalleled success. Our comprehensive suite of services delivers impactful results with just one action, empowering you to manage clients, amplify your brand, schedule bookings, and cultivate leads with unmatched precision.

your 360-degree approach to business excellence

Dale Earp is your ultimate partner in success, offering bespoke business coaching and growth strategies tailored specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners like you.

With a comprehensive suite of services, Dale provides unparalleled insights and strategies to propel your business to new heights of success and prosperity.

calling all entrepreneurs, business leaders & professionals

Experience Connections in Action – where networking events transcend the ordinary and ignite the spark of innovation.

As the forefront of high-energy networking, we are the nexus for business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs seeking to forge connections that shape the future.

encouragement for women of all walks of life

Step in faith, carry love, pursue God's calling.

Rachel Earp creates a sanctuary of strength and elegance, dedicated to empowering women on their path to greatness.

Heels, Handbags & Hustle is championing the modern woman as she navigates the complexities of work and femininity with grace and resilience. Step into a realm where strength meets sophistication, where confidence radiates with every step, and where faith is woven into the fabric of our existence.

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Dale Earp

President of Earp Enterprises Companies

"I came from humble beginnings. I never went to college- in fact, I barely graduated high school. I was never coached. But from a young age, I was very entrepreneurial and it drove people crazy. I was the visionary, the innovative strategist who figured out how to make money and open companies. Even when it felt like everyone was waiting for me to fail, I never wavered in my belief that God would use me in big ways to impact good for His kingdom."


Rachel Earp

Vice-president of Earp Enterprises Companies

"With a background in education, I have always been creative and passionate about learning. When my husband started our first company at our dining room table, I knew it would be successful because I recognized his incredible strengths in leadership, communication and determination. It's been such a joy to work alongside my life-partner and help him make his dream into a reality."

meet our top-level executive team

Dale Earp

president & founder

Rachel Earp


Stephen Earp

chief operating officer

Brian Franklin

business development director

John Whelden

chief expansion officer

Russ Winstead

chief marketing officer

Rick Vega

chief technology officer

Dale Earp IV

marketing assistant

Cayl Jay

marketing assistant

Marc Jacobs

broker manager

Paul Hunter

broker manager

Emily Griffin

group specialist

Leah Wallace

medicare specialist

Maria Dameron

health specialist

Kelli Flaherty

event coordinator

We are unstoppable.

Why? Because we are united in our mission to serve communities, individuals and businesses nationwide. We deliver excellence and take pride in all of the realms we work in. And...we have a lot of fun doing it! So keep watching us!

Our Team is mighty.

Why? Because we are better TOGETHER. We genuinely love what we do, and why we do it. We are a diverse, talented Team that values hard work and loyalty. It's all about creating a positive environment that ignites our fuel!

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