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Hi there! Whether you're already a seasoned agent or looking to get licensed, Earp Enterprises is a National Marketing Organization (NMO) ready to help you grow in the insurance industry. We offer top-level contracts, high-level support, training, resources and mentorship. When you join our Team, expect your experience to be AMAZING! Align yourself with an organization that has your best interests at heart and will treat you as a respected, valued partner.

"I look at it as a partnership.

You're not working for us, you're working with us. I like it when everyone wins. In this industry, you need good people you can trust. It's hard to find integrity anymore, and I was determined to disrupt the industry and bring integrity back with earp enterprises."

-dale earp

why earp enterprises?

easy contracting systems

No headaches, jumping through hoops or pulling your hair out. Our digital contracting process is streamlined to make your life easier. Get contracted with reputable carriers. We prefer less stress.

proprietary technology

Our cutting edge technology was designed by agents for agents. From e-scopes, quoting tools, electronic forms, to marketing systems and more, we have everything you need to do business efficiently.

compliance at your service

Not sure where to start? Don't worry! We pride ourselves on helping you grow a strong book of business that is compliant and loyal. Our Team experts will help you ensure compliant practices, marketing and applications are in place.

equal opportunity employer

We believe in equal opportunies for growth, advancement and development within the Earp Enterprises companies. We love empowering our Team to excel in their stregnth and cultivate their skills for a rewarding career.

exclusive internal systems

Our exclusive internal systems accelerate learning and make on-boarding with us a positive experience. We want you to be able to meet your goals without the frustration of obsolete technology or lack of training. No surprises or hidden agendas.

training and mentorship

We believe it's vital to invest in our Team. That's why we strive to provide all of the training, tolls, support and resources you need to thrive with us! Whether you are an employee or independent agent, we value your partnership with us!

why a national marketing organization?

Get direct access to top-level contracts with room for growth and advancement. There's nothing worse than feeling "stuck" under the glass ceiling. You're in business for yourself, but not all by yourself! Enjoy the freedom of a flexible career in a rewarding industry that allows you to design a life you want an create financial freedom.


Am I a captive agent?

When you partner with earp enterprises, you are an independent agent. We process your contracts with the insurance carriers and are responsible for the oversight, compliance, training, tools and technology to help you thrive in the industry.

Do you provide leads?

First off- when you partner with an NMO (national marketing organization) this means that you have higher commission structures and access to top-level contracts. We choose to operate this way because the agents then have the freedom to invest their time, energy or money into marketing however they choose. We do consider partnerships with agents who are producing good business, and have done co-ops on lead drops, bonuses, and incentives on production. Because of our relationships with the insurance companies, we are able to help with marketing funds, events, and other lead-generating resources. Through our top-notch training programs, most of our agents utilize organic reach, local events and social media marketing to generate leads for very little to no cost. Long story short- we do so much more than that!

Can you help me with social media advertising and budget optimization?

Absolutely. Our marketing software, EARPware, was developed specifically for insurance agents BY insurance agents! We understand that having a solid social media strategy and presence is crucial to your success in this day and age. One of the many advantages of partnering with earp enterprises includes access to our marketing software at a fraction of the cost you would incur anywhere else. Our team will work closely with you to define your advertising objectives and target audience. We'll then turn it over to EARPware to create and manage ad campaigns across various platforms, constantly monitoring performance and adjusting strategies to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Whether you have a modest budget or a substantial one, our expertise ensures your ad spend is used efficiently to achieve your marketing goals.

How long does it take to get contracted?

Our contracting system enables you to quickly contracts with multiple carriers digitally. You fill the contracting kit one time and then we take care of the rest. The time really depends on the carrier at that point- once we submit your contracts, the ball is in their courts. We continually monitor the progress and make sure there is nothing missing or holding up the process.

If I am already contracted under another organization, how do I move to yours?

Typically, you will need to request a release from your current upline before we can move your contracts over to us. Depending on the Carriers and the markets (whether this is for Life, Health, or Medicare) you may automatically be released if you have not written any business for 6 months or longer. Either way, we guide you through the transition and go up to bat for you with the Carriers to help the transition go as smoothly as possible.

I am not licensed yet, how do I get started?

So glad you asked! First off, we offer licensing courses at an internal discounted rate to help you get started. We typically do a one-on-one consultation with you to explain the licensing process and go over the fees involved with obtaining an insurance license in your state or multiple states. Check out our "Get Licensed" page to learn more!

How does your training program work?

We think our training program is pretty awesome! We incorporate a variety of training methods, from virtual training, over-the-phone mentorship, carrier-specific trainings, weekly Monday morning kick-off meetings, group trainings and more. We don't have a one-size-fits-all training approach where we try to hammer you into a mold. We individualize our training approach to meet you where you're at!

What if I only want to focus on one niche market?

You can absolutely do that! In fact, we prefer that our agents focus on their strength and excel in the carriers and products they naturally feel the most comfortable marketing. We don't force you to do it all or even contract you with tons of carriers that you probably won't even use. We keep it simple and work with you at your pace.

Do I own my book of business?

When you partner with us as a broker, you own your book of business, not us! That's the beauty of working as an independent agent.

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What are renewals and how do they work?

Insurance products that payout renewals go directly to the agent. Just like you own your book of business, your renewals are assigned to you and continue building value for the life of the policies that you write.

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How do commissions work?

You are set up direct with the Carriers for most products (unless there is a specific carrier that does not pay out to agents directly). This means that you will receive your commissions direct deposited from the insurance company that you write an application for. Payout cycles are determined by the carrier and have nothing to do with us. If it's for Life products, you can choose whether you want advanced commissions or pay out as earned.

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