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A Career With Earp Enterprises

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Interested in a Professional Career?

We are always interested in adding new, qualified members to our team!  If you are looking for a meaningful, rewarding career opportunity, you have found the right place.  We offer you the ability to become a successful, thriving Insurance Broker and provide you with all the support, guidance, and expertise necessary to reach your optimal potential.  Our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills that give recruits an immediate advantage to others in their industry.  We are making a difference…and we believe you can too!

How Can I Become Involved?

Our goal at Earp Enterprises Inc is to make a lasting impression on every Life we touch.  We understand the importance of finding an insurance plan that is affordable, effective and reassuring.  Ultimately… we give peace of mind.

We have had countless testimonies of how our services have brought comfort and ease to the insurance realm. We value our clients and strive to bring quality care in every situation.  So if this is compatible with your own desires, we know you will be a valuable addition to our amazing Team.  We frequently attend  local Career Fairs, Community and Speaking Events all across PA and NY and are also expanding into other States, so check out our Calendar to see if we appear near you!

If You Want More Out of Your Career…

When you begin a career with Earp Enterprises Inc…the sky is the limit when it comes to opportunity.  Our step-by-step, systematic process equips each and every one of our Brokers with the tools they need to be successful.  Whether you are already licensed in Insurance or just getting started, we have highly skilled professionals to guide you down the path you want to take. 

We provide outstanding leads support, technology, and office management so that you can focus on training and learning the products that you choose to represent.  We handle every Life, Health, Supplemental, Vision, Dental and Medicare product out there.  If you want to be a part of something BIG…you have come to the right place!

We cover a lot of territory…we have branched into several states and are continually growing.  Our goal is to provide our clients with only the finest service, most quality products, and affordable rates…all handled with the utmost Integrity.  We are looking for OVER-ACHIEVERS with real goals and aspirations that drive you to be a part of something BIG.  If you are looking for a mundane, cubicle job and are not willing to work beyond your comfort zone, then this opportunity is not for you! Our system guarantees a highly rewarding, successful career in this industry, but we only bring aboard top-notch individuals who are not afraid of hard work.  If you are a highly motivated individual seeking more out of your career than the ordinary, mundane tasks and paychecks, then come aboard and experience Earp Enterprises Inc for yourself! 

We are looking for three main qualities:

  •          Coachability:  This is a MUST.  If you are going to advance with our Company, you have to be willing to learn.  Our education and training program WILL take any individual (whether experienced in sales or not) and make that person polished and professional.  Our system works.  However…we expect compliance to our rules, standards and code of conduct as well as the eagerness to learn.
  •       The ability to Communicate:  This is extremely important in the Insurance Industry.  We require our Brokers to possess excellent written and oral communication skills.  You must be able to understand basic computer skills, complete state required training and appropriate credentials, and maintain working knowledge on updates with Federal laws pertaining to regulations and products.  We provide you with all the resources you need to be successful and we expect in return your full cooperation.
  •      The Motivation and Drive to work hard:  If you have the mentality of someone who only does the minimal requirements out of life, then this is not the career for you.  Earp Enterprises is comprised of individuals who work hard and go above and beyond to achieve their goals and dreams.  We help you evaluate your income potential, and provide you with opportunities to grow and advance in your commissions.  Because we offer such a vast array of products, you have everything you need to succeed right at your fingertips.  We invest our time into each and every one of our Brokers to ensure they thrive with our Company.  Your dedication and hard work WILL pay off…we guarantee it!

If you fit any of the above criteria, give our office a call and schedule an interview.  We look forward to bringing on new team members and desire to share this amazing opportunity with everyone who shares our vision and purpose to serve our Communities.

Here is your chance to do something great with your life…join our Team and start making a difference!!

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